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Shipments to Italy are dispatched with MRW or Correos Express

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1 - 3 working days

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Shipments to the rest of the World


Shipments are dispatched with MRW, Correos Express, DHL, UPS.  We look for the most economic one based on your location


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5 -7 working days: International Express Shipping

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Leggings generally come in two sizing structures; Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL and then in a One size fit.  For one size, the typical sizing recommendations are sizes 0 - 10 (fits most size 12 as well) for regular one size and 12 - 22 for a plus size one size.  For leggings that come in a multi-size, use our sizing chart below that best defines what size you fit in to. One rule of thumb to remember is that coated leggings such as the shiny metallic leggings will generally have less stretch than faux leather leggings or even our basic nylon leggings that are the most easy to fit because of their unhindered stretch.


Coated leggings such as the metallic will generally have less stretch than our basic nylon, polyester or cotton. Anytime a legging or tight is coated it will generally have less stretch as the coating inhibits the natural flow of the fabric.



Understanding how the "One Size" sizing system works is quite easy as the system works in 3 general size categories.  The 3 categories are:

  • One Size Regular - Fits sizes 0 - 10

  • Plus Size - Fits Sizes 14 - 22 

  • Extra Plus Size - Fits Sizes 22 - 30



Size 12 is a transition size and it really depends on body type.  A longer athletic style body should probably still fit into the One Size Regular and a more booty heavy body type should be going into the Plus Size.  The same would be for size 22 and 24.  Also, keep in mind how tight you want your fit.  If you are at the end of the sizing guidelines, it will be a tighter fit.  If you prefer a more giving fit, go into the Plus Size.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you and / or your customer are honest with your sizing.  If you try and fit into a very tight fitting One Size you will sooner than later tear the seams.  Leggings are literally held together by thread so if you are too big for the One Size, they will tear.  Be honest with your frame and body type.