Frequently asked questions

In what language is the wine tasting given?

In english. For french speaker, we can do it in french.

I have never been to a wine tasting before and I don’t know much about wine, will I be OK?

Yes, absolutely! It’s our job to make you feel comfortable, get confident with wines and have a fun event. Our purpose is also to break that "snoby" barrier when it comes to talk about wine. By the end of the evening you will be tasting like a pro!

How many wines will I taste?

5 to 6 differents wines.

Could you organise an event at my home/work ?

Yes, we’d love to host an event for you. We do lots of private and corporate tastings at various locations. Get in touch if you would like a specific quote.

Will I be able to buy wine or spirits at the end of the night?

No, we don’t sell wine. But, we will be happy to share with you our favorites wine shop in Berlin and online.